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Saturday, October 07, 2017

The Last Link - Book Review

Book: The Last Link
Author: Manisha Malhotra
Genre: Sci-Fi


Ann always thought of herself to be a simple physics student even though she could sense the aura of a person walking past her; she believed she was just another student. Imagine the surprise when she finds herself entangled with four others who claim her to be the missing piece of their puzzle. Ann is the last link which connects the five of them to represent five elements. Moreover, the elements together have to save their city from five vices. Read on to find yourself engrossed in 5 Elements V/s 5 Vices the ultimate battle.

What Works!

The story and writing style are the heartbeats of ‘The Last Link.’ This unique book conceptualises and blends science with spirituality to give very varied scenarios and managed to set a bizarre notion. The ultimate war of the good and evil is portrayed in rare fashioned mixing the concepts of science and sacred from Greek, Chinese and Indian cultures.

What does not:

It takes a while before you get the hang of all the characters, their names, traits and how they relate to the story. However, once you know who is who, the story will fall into place by itself. The book starts with a slow pace and ends abruptly; the battle (which is the one thing the reader builds upon right from the blurb) in last few pages may have been more descriptive adding cores to allow the readers to visualise it to more perfection.

To read or not to read:

If you are into science fiction flicks, then this is the ‘go to’ book for you. Anyone having interest in science, physics and the connections of these to the world as we know it today will find this book to be an exciting read. With 72 pages of fine words, this can be your book to relax by at the poolside or on a long train journey.


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