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Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Time – a rare thing we all have. You cannot stop it, speed it up, nor slow it down. However, we do experience the illusion of all of it during so many moments in our life. Time slows down when you are waiting for favorite Pizza order to arrive. The heartbeat second of adrenaline rush while cliff jumping feels like forever, elongating the small second. Or when you hold a newborn baby for the first time, everything stops. These illusions, these little moments are what makes up our lives. For centuries now, humans have programmed people to behave in a certain way or be at prominent places and act in way which is unquestionably by society. Norms set for individuals today are diverse across all possible facades.

Out of the total number of people we meet in a lifetime, a majority will say that they want to make an everlasting impact on the human race. How many take steps though? Do we do anything thru our actions to make anything here better? And all of this for what? This Earth is a doomed place, and we are the reason it is in this state. The intelligent living life on our planet is long gone, now we are merely puppets playing with technology and science. So, you run a business, you have a corporate job, you earn high salaried package, you have a boathouse, you own a bungalow; all these material needs and wants, in most of the cases, do not allow a person to acknowledge the inner self and in turn destroys peace. The definitions put forward by society for ‘happiness’ is constrained and not expandable which needs to be more flexible to mold it as per the distinct individuals. This happiness is much more sacred than those material needs. 

Investing that oh-so-precious time in accumulating the substantial stuff over a lifespan has only resulted in piled layers of a labyrinth over our soul to hide what we truly are. You are not the picture which got a thousand likes, you are not the tweet which spread like wildfire, you are not the expensive car you own, you are not the brand you work for, and neither are you the education you take. Then who are you? Can you define yourself without all of these human made definitions; without attaching a degree, gender, designation, or posing as an owner of material possessions?  Can you tear apart all these and strip your soul naked and then try to give an illustration to yourself? Speechless? The answers to these mysteries are within you. All you need to do is tap yourself awake, adapt to a few new tactics, seek your potential happiness, relax once a while, and explore the world around as it was meant to be.

Take yourself on a little journey back in time, those people, who lived millions of years before us, did not have any of these facilities and were in far more sense backwards, as we see it. Nonetheless, they were humans, just like you and me. These humans had far less than what we had, but the enlightenment which they experienced, the horrors of the world they saw, the difficulties faced, the knowledge derived was directly from our pure source – mother Earth. It may not be enough or the most genuine of all information sources, but it was not fabricated to the extent that you would start questioning every truth you know. 

You are here today; you will influence the few people who you meet in this generation or maybe go beyond that average if you are extraordinary and there are those exceptional souls which have the ability to be alive for millenniums through their thoughts and deeds. How would you rather have people remembering you? As the person with that huge bank balance and car or as the compassionate human being who touched many souls? The universe is vast, beyond what meets our eye. We contain stardust in us which has travelled trillions of light-years and live on an oddball rotating in space. From the tiniest atom in our body to the vast, unreachable galaxies; all are made up of the same matter. And this, my friend, is what you call Magic! 

And how do you utilize this magical gift of self? By crying over a breakup, ignoring yourself, having mundane routines, not giving yourself breaks and being stuck at one place? Not the kind of life anyone would get fascinated by, is it? Just remember, if you manage to be a significant individual making a positive impact on this whole wide world then you automatically achieve success.

Believe in that magical portion of yours. Get that job you have always wanted to. If your attempt to get what you want is negated then think of ways to create similar opportunities which will help someone in the same spot as you. Give yourself the ability to achieve unfinished, procrastinated tasks to allow yourself to have more time to concentrate on much more important things in life. God damn work for the salary, of course! But at the same time, follow those unattended dreams concealed in the corner of your heart. Do not work for yourself, work to make this planet a better place to live. Leave behind a legacy not properties and garbage. Believe in Karma, sprinkle kindness and goodness around; and that is what life will bring back to you. Be involved in experiences which money cannot buy and will have a space in your heart Do not spend your time on things which are not going to take you places or give you never before experiences; it is just not worth it. Learn to prioritize on things which will nourish your soul and feed your heart. You are work-in-progress, but you are on your way to becoming a masterpiece at the finest of all!

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