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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Equations of a Being by Ashutosh Gupta - Book Review


Book: Equations of a Being
Author: Ashutosh Gupta
Price: Rs.175 MRP. Available online at Amazon (Link:

Review : 

A book which spills out gems of thoughts on each of its pages with beautifully put together quotations. All of which have been jotted down by author himself. These quotations are mergers of words of self knowledge, imagination, and practical occurrences. It is a good pulp of words to show the startling desires of your existence and may possibly help you evolve an understanding of yourself.

What Works!

The originality. Each page is a fine example of glory. It also gets you thinking on various levels or aspects of life. Every quote is written in a way where you can relate it to yourself and decipher it to make it applicable to your own self. There will be various quotes which will make you go in awe to how much you can relate to them. The book will compose itself in a different way to each reader pertaining to how the reader perceives the quotation.

What Does Not:

The pages were too less. Yes, I could have read more and more and more of these amazing quotations put together. A few words are too complex for a normal reader to process on immediate basis, leaves them scavenging for meaning of words in order to derive meaning of the exact quotation.

To read or not to read:

This book acts as an image of complex structures of your brain and heart. Everything that you see, you imagine, you think, you express, you experience or you feel is what slowly and eventually shapes you into being the person you are. It is definitely a “Yes! Must read!” book for those who wish to tap on to know the potential on their own equations of being. 

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