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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Book Review: Why Should I Love You…??? by Kamal Paneru

Book: Why Should I Love You…???
Author: Kamal Paneru
Genre: Love Story
Price: Rs.199 MRP. 
Available online at Amazon 

Review :
A simple text accidentally sent to a wrong number changes Raunak’s life. This one simple act has a ripple effect for everything that is to follow. Raunak enters Juhi’s life as a guardian who shields her reality. However, the reality takes over and breaks the dream relationship which leaves both of them shattered. Meanwhile, Megha, Raunak’s best friend, resurfaces from past to confess her love for Raunak. How will Raunak handle this dilemma amidst his love for Juhi, his work, and his family life? You are in for brutal twists in tales. What twists? Read to find out!

What Works!
The story! Although it seems repetitive and cliche kind of a story it will give you amazing twist and turn. Not the typical boy meets girl; girl meets boy kind of tale so a refreshing welcome to this way of approach towards love. The story is simple, honest and touching. You will not know when the turn of story hits you and this surprise element was the book saver.       

What Doesn’t!
The style of writing is amateurish and a better editing would have given the story a great finishing touch. However, not a serious flaw as such. Also, Juhi is portrayed as a damsel in distress, would have been more interesting had she been the princess who fought back against her situations at home, would have created a positive impact. None the less, it seemed important for the plot twists later on. Instead of a separate chapter on Raunak’s father, the closeness and bond they shared could have been inserted within other chapters giving it a more natural feeling.

To read or not to read:
If you like reading books with this genre then you will definitely be able to connect to this book. Based on the authors own love story, this book is mixture of fact and fiction. It leaves us with question “Why indeed should you love anyone or what is this feeling we call love?” This story is worth a read and maybe also a movie, perhaps? It has all the basic requirements meant for a Bollywood movie. It is one-day-done kind of a book so if you have a free day and don’t know what to do with it, grab this book, you will be done by the end of day. 

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