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Sunday, July 02, 2017

I like to Moo-it Moo-it!

During one my volunteering expeditions I got a chance to interact with Dr. Aditi Kulkarni - a renowned doctor who has been continuously striving to make medicines from naturally available resources. Medicines derived from products and by products of Cow is what she specializes in. Strange as it may sound, it is true and her studies are backed up by various scientific researches carried around the world. A few of my learning’s summarized as below:  Related image

* To start with, Panchagavya which a mixture of three direct products (cow dung, cow urine, and milk) and two by products (curd, ghee) these ingredients are mixed in proper proportion, fermented and then act as excellent fertilizers and pesticides for crops.

* Panchagavya when mixed in appropriate proportions suggested by experts along with other medicines strengthens the immune system and is capable of warding off diseases like TB, Jaundice, Typhoid and Malaria. Gaurakshaks (Cow caretakers) never have these diseases as they are constantly in an atmosphere where Cows dwell. Panchagavya has all the basic minerals and proteins required for human body to sustain which is taken in by Cows when they eat the wholesome grass. Dr. Aditi has derived various medicines (capsules, syrups) with certain amount of mixtures of Panchgavya which help in prevention of Arthritis, Dengue, and even act as a supporting to medicines to help reduce Cancer!

* As a child, during Mahasatyanarayan Pooja’s the Pandit who performed Pooja used to give everyone one tini-tiny drop of Gomutra (cow urine) as shudhikaran (purification) routine. As silly as it may sound, it really does work. Cow urine or most Indians call it (Gomutra) acts as a natural enhancer to medicines. The quantity and mixture of Gomutra required to increase effect of medicines has been studied and should be consumed only as guided by experts.

* Cow enhances the quality of air surrounding it. Joke? Not even slightly funny. FIR (Far Infrared Ray's) has been deemed necessary for human life as per NASA studies. These rays are used in incubators which hold prematurely delivered babies, replicating the same rays found in Mother’s womb when baby is still inside. These rays are the reason why pregnant women see difference in the quality of skin, hair, and in general improvements in glowing during those nine months. Cow skin absorbs FIR and emits it back to surrounding environment allowing the surrounding air quality to improve.

* The team manufactures and sales products with base ingredient as Panchgavya. These products not only include the common medical oils and capsules but also shampoos, floor cleaners and other eco-friendly products like Ganesha idol, Cow dung holi sticks (so no more cutting of trees).  

* They have a distribution center in Kalyan and soon to start in Thane (both in Maharashtra, India). The main aim being if the products are sold, it will automatically encourage farmers to pet more cows, treat them properly as they would need the byproducts, while slowly and steadily moving back towards traditional farming (no tractors) to reduce burden on environmental pollution. Use natural fertilizer (cow dung which has exceptional medical properties as well) and no more pesticides improving the quality of crops grown, generating income for the farmer not only from his crops but also from cows ensuring financial stability. Using natural fertilizers will yield better returns in term of quality of crops and give back society organic and healthy living options. Using natural products made with use of Panchgavya will let you derive the benefits of respective product while you do your bit in encouraging the farmers to take more initiative and perform to their best capacity.

So, like many other myths we get to hear in Indian Culture; the one to worship cow as our mother is actually certified with scientific researches, something which our forefathers knew and we fail to realize the importance of it even today. Indian villages and farmers have potential of standing up on their own feet only if let them, encourage them, and support their strides which benefit the society in general. If you are still going to ignore this, your opinion is what Joey from Friends calls a ‘Moo’ Point – It doesn’t even matter.  

For consultancy and medical use of these products contact Dr. Aditi Kulkarni: +91 9821608335
For eco-friendly Ganesh idols, holi sticks, and other products contact Shreyas Mhaskar: +91 9664285437


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