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Wednesday, April 12, 2017


I broke my rules for you, 
You broke me for your rules. 
Irony laughed at me,
As I embraced truth of your falsehood. 
No one stays forever, you said
But I did stay. Still you left. 
Solitude is what I seek now, 
Destiny has had its laugh. 
Love was what I sought,  
You never thought of it though.  
Away & far from you I tried to be, 
But you always found a way for me to see. 
And then you played the winning shot, 
Broke me into pieces and salt over it was add on.  
Should have let me go when I tried, 
Commitment was a thing in which you never took pride. 
Blessed I am, for my tears get a count,  
For each one I shed, Karma will give a shout.  
Fear, baby, you should feel, 
For shattering someone else's dream. 
But guts, I must say, you have, 
For you still remain unaffected, laugh as I cry. 
Queen I thought I was for making you my King,  
I made you everything, I lost everything.  
Proud you must be for all the by-gones,  
You are the reason I would never ever love.  
As you move on, I am stuck at what if's and might be's, 
Look at me, eye to eye, and tell yourself 'pain? I don't see'. 
With every exhale,  I become a bit more hallow,  
Numb to feelings, stranger to happiness, to unknown I bow. 
Once an wonderful soul, now becomes a mere stone,  
Live with yourself knowing you made it so. 
Oh yes, you will, you do, laugh and smile with another, 
But you will crave me, the way I do you,  dear. 
When you realise your loss, you will wish to come back, 
By then I will be far from here and be forever gone.  
You still don't see it, do you? All this mess! 
You destroyed a person in your selfishness! 
Yes, my mistake, I broke all my rules for you!
And you broke me for your rules!

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