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Friday, December 29, 2017

Pinto Has An Idea - Book Review

Book: Pinto Has An Idea
Author: Rajeev Saxena


Rajat, fondly known as Pinto, wants to help everyone around him. He is a part of a middle class family and was initially home tutored. We see Pinto make his way all the way up to MIT and United States. Without letting success play games in his head, Pinto humbly returns to India to help the society at large, through his innovation solutions. However, will he be allowed to openly change the community without getting his hands dirty in the ongoing Indian politics and peak level corruptions? Will Pinto have the right kind of idea to get out these sticky situations? Read the book to find out!

To read or not to read:

A story which starts in good old time India and moves to various places, just like Pinto! Pinto starts as a young, curious boy and wants to change this world. However, the harsh reality of compels him to get into Politics. The story is essentially Pinto’s journey depicting how we can influence the situations around us with simply thinking outside the box or at times the solutions are crystal clear yet we are blinded to see them. Pinto has an idea makes a good read for those who would not mind carrying around the book for few days till it ends and enjoy a simple yet crisp language novels.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Woman Who Saw The Future : Book Review

Book: The Woman Who Saw The Future
Author: Amit Sharma
Click here to purchase this book on Amazon

The story revolves around Sapna who has been blessed with the ability to see the future. Reluctant to believe her at first, people finally come an inch closer to believing when Sapna uses this ability to save Kabir, a very well known business tycoon. Kabir offers Sapna to collaborate for a TV Show to make good use of her future-seeing abilities. This acts as the turning point for Sapna and those who relate to her for better or for worse is for you to find out once you get your hands on this book.

To read or not to read:
The plot line is unique and written in a simple language. The main character development is beautifully portrayed as we see Sapna transform herself from a mere next door college kid to a superwoman. The narration style of showing the story through various perspectives puts together the entire plot. However, as we proceed further into the book, the end gets a bit predictable. The final few chapters could have avoided spilling out extra information which elongated the story. The supporting characters have also been depicted in a good manner. Your weekends will be sorted with this one in your hand. The story grows on you eventually and you feel the characters crawl into scenes!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Grief of Nature

Let them remain closed and stay blurred…
Be unknown to this mundane world.

For once when they open the gateway to the universe…
They will destroy this insane world whole.

People discriminate,
On every possible grounds, they hate.

Anything that is different is bad…
This seems to be the latest fad.

Nature around is reduced to a mere percentage on map…
Care, love, and peace has been scrapped.

‘What we were’ is long-lost…
‘What have we come to’ at what cost.

Multiplying in numbers, increasing the burden…
Intelligence, however, diminishes with every second gone.

Be it water or air, pollution has left its mark everywhere…
Soil, noise, and radioactive have also got included. 

Tremendous crowd triples the load on transportation…
Yet, cars and bikes are trending over all the nations.

Hate is the new thing, spreading like a virus…
Killing humanity and creating a new kind of monster.

We have no time to find peace…
Curiosity has killed the cat, humanity ceased.

Paper money is all that we think of…
Without it, the world would go blank.

Envious of men, who dwelled times ago…
Who had no stress, no tension, but everywhere to go.

Although the world is more known and knowledgeable…
Lost is the art of life which to lease a meaningful abode. 

Animals are meant to be out in wild…
Men invaded their homes, put them in cages piled.

Why should they not destroy you?
When it was their shelter you wrecked. 

Religion and castes are just different modes to find the same way…
Used now as reason to discriminate and swords which slay.

Classifications based on caste, creed, color, height, and race...
To the extent that even stone man is divided into ages. 

Motivational speakers, talks, and deliverables…
Where are the men, who were born with inbuilt mechanisms?

Gratitude and grace are no longer sought…
Running circles for materialistic things, everyone is taught.

This world was a peaceful and better place…
Until Men came and ruined its pace.

How long will this torture sustain?
Mother Nature will surely soon give away. 

As long as her eyes are closed, men, you shall dwell…
For once they open, you shall not be spared.

Volcanoes will erupt, oceans will run overland…
Earthquakes in thousands will shake the foundations manned.

Thunders and storms, twisters, and cyclones haze…
Who will save men, from such ferocious cage?

Run, men, run, but where to…
Where will you hide to escape Nature’s rage?

The mountains will collapse soon from a height great…
What are your plans to elude cracks on Earth’s plate?

Solace, men shall seek then…
But find none and face the pain.

Men, you have had your time…
And everything that you have lived for will go vain.

Will it matter then, the length of your hair,
Branded clothes or about Mercedes, you will care?  

Money shall help you not, nor keep you safe…
Everything will be destroyed until mother feels herself *rafe.

You have used her, torn her open, added weights for a good measure…
Greenery gone, concrete jungles installed, played with her natural resource.

The demolishers of Mother Nature will suffer this fate…
Those who passively helped will go at same rate.

So, let them remain closed and stay blurred…
Be unknown to this mundane world.

For once when they open the gateway to the universe…
They will destroy this insane world whole.

*In Hebrew the meaning of Rafe is derived from Rafael 'God has healed’

Monday, December 11, 2017

Book Review: Murderous Greed

Book: Murderous Greed
Author: Arun K Nair


Avadi is a town situated in Chennai, which has not seen a tint of murder for years. This same township bears witness to double murders. First one is a housewife, Kanaga, headed to attend a family function while other is Karthik, young, handsome businessman. It is the responsibility of Inspector Satyajit to solve these murders and find the links in case of possible connections between the two. As Satyajit starts digging into these double murders, everything starts getting foggier. Will Satyajit be able to solve the mystery with limited clues and much larger, secret force in the cue? Read ‘Murderous Greed’ to find out.

The book sticks to the plot line right from line one and maintains the composure throughout only to reveal the truths towards the end. The plot intensifies as the story progresses with an introduction of various leads which the reader will not be able to guess the slightest.

To Read or Not To Read:

Mysteries always make a great read as they keep you on your toes throughout the journey. If you are an avid reader of this genre, you will surely appreciate the plot of this book. Author Arun Nair plans on releasing the continuation of this book by 2018 giving us chance to see Inspector Satyajit back in action.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Book Review: A Quest for Spring

Book: A Quest for Spring
Author: Monica Majumdam Dixit
Click here to purchase this on Amazon

Love works in mysterious ways. However, to understand it, one must truly feel it. Would you be willing to sacrifice your life for the person you love? Would you wait an eternity even when there are no hopes of reunion? Would you absorb the shocks of reunion when you finally see the life the other person has created without you? Amolika and Raehan are as diverse as they could be yet are pulled together by force of love. However, before the love could set in, their universes collide with such intensity that it destroys the life as they knew it. 

What Works!
The language is very comprehensible and explicit. You will know exactly what the character wants to convey and the internal quarrels of their mind, giving you a better character understanding necessary for plot. The story concept is unique and takes you thru time travel from Amolika’s childhood to the present day her. The point in the book where the title actually makes sense, loved the touch of it.

What Does Not!
The book gets predictable towards last bunch of chapters, could have probably been cut short to a more cleaner, straight to the point chapter. There were few writing errors, however does not hamper the story line. 

To Read Or Not To Read:
“Love is not something you decide. Love finds you in the most unusual of places and at the most unexpected times. It just happened and you don’t even realize it till you are deep into it. Suppose you were to fall in love with someone who is total contrast from what you are in every sense of the world, what would you do then?” – A question direct from the book, read the book to find the answer! After immense wait have I found a book which I could not part ways with, it had me clicking pictures on my cell of chapters at stretch so that I could read it even while I was working, definitely a must read!

Saturday, October 07, 2017

The Last Link - Book Review

Book: The Last Link
Author: Manisha Malhotra
Genre: Sci-Fi


Ann always thought of herself to be a simple physics student even though she could sense the aura of a person walking past her; she believed she was just another student. Imagine the surprise when she finds herself entangled with four others who claim her to be the missing piece of their puzzle. Ann is the last link which connects the five of them to represent five elements. Moreover, the elements together have to save their city from five vices. Read on to find yourself engrossed in 5 Elements V/s 5 Vices the ultimate battle.

What Works!

The story and writing style are the heartbeats of ‘The Last Link.’ This unique book conceptualises and blends science with spirituality to give very varied scenarios and managed to set a bizarre notion. The ultimate war of the good and evil is portrayed in rare fashioned mixing the concepts of science and sacred from Greek, Chinese and Indian cultures.

What does not:

It takes a while before you get the hang of all the characters, their names, traits and how they relate to the story. However, once you know who is who, the story will fall into place by itself. The book starts with a slow pace and ends abruptly; the battle (which is the one thing the reader builds upon right from the blurb) in last few pages may have been more descriptive adding cores to allow the readers to visualise it to more perfection.

To read or not to read:

If you are into science fiction flicks, then this is the ‘go to’ book for you. Anyone having interest in science, physics and the connections of these to the world as we know it today will find this book to be an exciting read. With 72 pages of fine words, this can be your book to relax by at the poolside or on a long train journey.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Time – a rare thing we all have. You cannot stop it, speed it up, nor slow it down. However, we do experience the illusion of all of it during so many moments in our life. Time slows down when you are waiting for favorite Pizza order to arrive. The heartbeat second of adrenaline rush while cliff jumping feels like forever, elongating the small second. Or when you hold a newborn baby for the first time, everything stops. These illusions, these little moments are what makes up our lives. For centuries now, humans have programmed people to behave in a certain way or be at prominent places and act in way which is unquestionably by society. Norms set for individuals today are diverse across all possible facades.

Out of the total number of people we meet in a lifetime, a majority will say that they want to make an everlasting impact on the human race. How many take steps though? Do we do anything thru our actions to make anything here better? And all of this for what? This Earth is a doomed place, and we are the reason it is in this state. The intelligent living life on our planet is long gone, now we are merely puppets playing with technology and science. So, you run a business, you have a corporate job, you earn high salaried package, you have a boathouse, you own a bungalow; all these material needs and wants, in most of the cases, do not allow a person to acknowledge the inner self and in turn destroys peace. The definitions put forward by society for ‘happiness’ is constrained and not expandable which needs to be more flexible to mold it as per the distinct individuals. This happiness is much more sacred than those material needs. 

Investing that oh-so-precious time in accumulating the substantial stuff over a lifespan has only resulted in piled layers of a labyrinth over our soul to hide what we truly are. You are not the picture which got a thousand likes, you are not the tweet which spread like wildfire, you are not the expensive car you own, you are not the brand you work for, and neither are you the education you take. Then who are you? Can you define yourself without all of these human made definitions; without attaching a degree, gender, designation, or posing as an owner of material possessions?  Can you tear apart all these and strip your soul naked and then try to give an illustration to yourself? Speechless? The answers to these mysteries are within you. All you need to do is tap yourself awake, adapt to a few new tactics, seek your potential happiness, relax once a while, and explore the world around as it was meant to be.

Take yourself on a little journey back in time, those people, who lived millions of years before us, did not have any of these facilities and were in far more sense backwards, as we see it. Nonetheless, they were humans, just like you and me. These humans had far less than what we had, but the enlightenment which they experienced, the horrors of the world they saw, the difficulties faced, the knowledge derived was directly from our pure source – mother Earth. It may not be enough or the most genuine of all information sources, but it was not fabricated to the extent that you would start questioning every truth you know. 

You are here today; you will influence the few people who you meet in this generation or maybe go beyond that average if you are extraordinary and there are those exceptional souls which have the ability to be alive for millenniums through their thoughts and deeds. How would you rather have people remembering you? As the person with that huge bank balance and car or as the compassionate human being who touched many souls? The universe is vast, beyond what meets our eye. We contain stardust in us which has travelled trillions of light-years and live on an oddball rotating in space. From the tiniest atom in our body to the vast, unreachable galaxies; all are made up of the same matter. And this, my friend, is what you call Magic! 

And how do you utilize this magical gift of self? By crying over a breakup, ignoring yourself, having mundane routines, not giving yourself breaks and being stuck at one place? Not the kind of life anyone would get fascinated by, is it? Just remember, if you manage to be a significant individual making a positive impact on this whole wide world then you automatically achieve success.

Believe in that magical portion of yours. Get that job you have always wanted to. If your attempt to get what you want is negated then think of ways to create similar opportunities which will help someone in the same spot as you. Give yourself the ability to achieve unfinished, procrastinated tasks to allow yourself to have more time to concentrate on much more important things in life. God damn work for the salary, of course! But at the same time, follow those unattended dreams concealed in the corner of your heart. Do not work for yourself, work to make this planet a better place to live. Leave behind a legacy not properties and garbage. Believe in Karma, sprinkle kindness and goodness around; and that is what life will bring back to you. Be involved in experiences which money cannot buy and will have a space in your heart Do not spend your time on things which are not going to take you places or give you never before experiences; it is just not worth it. Learn to prioritize on things which will nourish your soul and feed your heart. You are work-in-progress, but you are on your way to becoming a masterpiece at the finest of all!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Hidden Spark by Vikas Trivedi and Smita Agarwal

Book: The Hidden Spark
Author: Vikas Trivedi and Smita Agarwal
Genre: Motivational

Review :

There are various questions that we have asked ourselves without ever getting a definite answer. What is the purpose of life? Will I be able to pull off this job? What should my next step be? And more often than not, our brain reverts in negation. The Hidden Spark is just a way to help you lubricate your brain and mind to function better, in sync with plans which you wish to manifest for yourself. Need not necessarily be a business, the formulae are universal in nature and will help you gain a different perspective on your own life.

What Works!

Everything! The book gives you a chance to build your own action plans and gets your brain mechanism moving which causes you imagination to expand its horizons and look at things you ignored earlier. It includes examples of known and not so known real life people who have applied this formula to achieve their aims. The book helps you enact the concepts mentioned in your own life to understand the difference you can create with your own thoughts. It is definitely a booster to those who need just a little push over the edge to help them spread their wings and fly.

What Doesn’t!

There really isn’t anything to pin point here. However, a very far-fetched cry (request? Complain?) to the author duo, translate this gem into other languages, there are so many people who will be missing out to take a walk on motivation late just because they are not into reading English literature.

To read or not to read:

If you are a fan of documentary videos and books like The Secret or The monk who sold his Ferrari, then this one definitely your kind of book. Even if you are not a fan of such series but unsure on how you should progress ahead in your life, then again this is the book you need to read. Go for it peeps! 

Saturday, September 09, 2017

The Bait by Harsh Bhanushali

Book: The Bait
Author: Harsh Bhanushali
Genre: Political Drama
Review :

Abdul is a family man just like you and me living in Neoro. It takes merely one day to change his life forever. Abdul finds himself being used by powerful masterminds when they nominate him as the candidate for presidential election. So many people are manipulating and playing with trust of formerly peace loving citizens that Abdul does not know who he can rely on. Will Adbul be able to find a solution to get his people out the danger that lures over his country? Or will Neoro slowly descend in doomsday? Read to find out.

What Works!

The Story. It has so many facades of life included in such a small bundle. Imaginary country, religion, love, sacrifice, family, riots, political drama, murders, mystery, commitment and friendship. It is almost difficult to believe you could find all these emotions wrapped up in this book.

What Doesn’t!

At few parts the story is too fast paced. You do not really get a feel of the drama which unraveling as you read. However, there are parts where the pace slows down drastically. There no particular steady rhythm to the novel.

To read or not to read:

Don’t have your heart set on any other book over the weekend and don’t know what to do with it?
Well, now you know. Grab a copy of this book and give it a read. It is one day read with multiple twists and turns and before you know what hit you, the book will be done.

Thursday, August 31, 2017


Mind wants what it wants...
Heart feels what it feels...

No explanations asked...
No reason to be blamed...

Tears roll down...
Eyes cry clear and loud...

No one to stop...
No emotions left...

Tides of rightness...
Waves of wrong...

Leaves a heart...
Flooded with drought...

When I don't blink...
When beats start to skip...

With burden over chest...
When I can not seak a nest...

Path ahead, ladden with darkness...
Feet know not where to tread...

When I die from the inside...
When I have no ifs, no buts, or might be...

As I get only mundane world...
Where happiness is rid...

Oh! What a life it will be...
Wait for the future, you'll see...

Jewels and gems, success and money...
Houses and gadgets, everything dipped in sugar and honey...

What good are these when I will still crave for smiles...
When heart and brain are distanced by miles...

I try, try to stay calm in chaos...
For I know which battle is to be fought and which not...

Why indeed share such a life with anyone else...
I live in my own world, ignoring the rest...

You understand, don't you?
There is no turn around now...

Not once I turn into stone...
Where you could only mourn...

A small sun ray which had prevailed...
Now fades into the blackness of void...

I walk ahead now...
With all our dreams...

Crossing over to a new world...
Where only 'I' exist...

When the universes collide...
With forces unseen...

This life will slowly go out...
Diminishing into nothing...!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Equations of a Being by Ashutosh Gupta - Book Review


Book: Equations of a Being
Author: Ashutosh Gupta
Price: Rs.175 MRP. Available online at Amazon (Link:

Review : 

A book which spills out gems of thoughts on each of its pages with beautifully put together quotations. All of which have been jotted down by author himself. These quotations are mergers of words of self knowledge, imagination, and practical occurrences. It is a good pulp of words to show the startling desires of your existence and may possibly help you evolve an understanding of yourself.

What Works!

The originality. Each page is a fine example of glory. It also gets you thinking on various levels or aspects of life. Every quote is written in a way where you can relate it to yourself and decipher it to make it applicable to your own self. There will be various quotes which will make you go in awe to how much you can relate to them. The book will compose itself in a different way to each reader pertaining to how the reader perceives the quotation.

What Does Not:

The pages were too less. Yes, I could have read more and more and more of these amazing quotations put together. A few words are too complex for a normal reader to process on immediate basis, leaves them scavenging for meaning of words in order to derive meaning of the exact quotation.

To read or not to read:

This book acts as an image of complex structures of your brain and heart. Everything that you see, you imagine, you think, you express, you experience or you feel is what slowly and eventually shapes you into being the person you are. It is definitely a “Yes! Must read!” book for those who wish to tap on to know the potential on their own equations of being. 

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Book Review: Why Should I Love You…??? by Kamal Paneru

Book: Why Should I Love You…???
Author: Kamal Paneru
Genre: Love Story
Price: Rs.199 MRP. 
Available online at Amazon 

Review :
A simple text accidentally sent to a wrong number changes Raunak’s life. This one simple act has a ripple effect for everything that is to follow. Raunak enters Juhi’s life as a guardian who shields her reality. However, the reality takes over and breaks the dream relationship which leaves both of them shattered. Meanwhile, Megha, Raunak’s best friend, resurfaces from past to confess her love for Raunak. How will Raunak handle this dilemma amidst his love for Juhi, his work, and his family life? You are in for brutal twists in tales. What twists? Read to find out!

What Works!
The story! Although it seems repetitive and cliche kind of a story it will give you amazing twist and turn. Not the typical boy meets girl; girl meets boy kind of tale so a refreshing welcome to this way of approach towards love. The story is simple, honest and touching. You will not know when the turn of story hits you and this surprise element was the book saver.       

What Doesn’t!
The style of writing is amateurish and a better editing would have given the story a great finishing touch. However, not a serious flaw as such. Also, Juhi is portrayed as a damsel in distress, would have been more interesting had she been the princess who fought back against her situations at home, would have created a positive impact. None the less, it seemed important for the plot twists later on. Instead of a separate chapter on Raunak’s father, the closeness and bond they shared could have been inserted within other chapters giving it a more natural feeling.

To read or not to read:
If you like reading books with this genre then you will definitely be able to connect to this book. Based on the authors own love story, this book is mixture of fact and fiction. It leaves us with question “Why indeed should you love anyone or what is this feeling we call love?” This story is worth a read and maybe also a movie, perhaps? It has all the basic requirements meant for a Bollywood movie. It is one-day-done kind of a book so if you have a free day and don’t know what to do with it, grab this book, you will be done by the end of day. 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Chaos

It is said that if you pronounce correctly every word in this poem, you will be speaking English better than 90% of native English speakers. After trying the verses, a Frenchman said he'd prefer 6 months of hard labor to reading six lines aloud. Clearly I am not better than the rest, but my first attempt at narrating. Head over. Listen with ears wide open. Read with eyes protruding out. And certainly a fully functional brain.

This is an adaption of version of The Chaos by Gerard Nolst TrenitĂ©, 1920. The exact and original version in available online at: and is far more horror than what I attempted. The original poem contains about 800 of the worst irregularities in English spelling and pronunciation and firms the belief of many who say, "English is a very funny language!" 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Bling On With Rejewel !

What do you do when your favorite jewellery brand offers you to put on some brilliant jewelry and flash it on a camera? Well, you agree to it, of course! Especially, since it was Rejewel. Rejewel has always been my to-do to place for all my jewellery needs. Be it a desi look for family function,  swag for late night party, or my favorite simple girl-next-door look - Rejewel craters to complete, any and all, of looks you wish to pull off. (Pssttt... a little secret, if you are one of the girls who has received a wedding gift from me, this is where I got it from) So, to begin with I spent the afternoon choosing jewellery (from a vast available choice). With so many choices in various forms, shapes, stones, kundan, etc., I must say the urge to just have them all and walk out as the proud owner of Rejewel's recent collection is indeed intimidating. Here's a little sneak peak at my well spent afternoon:

Wearing White? Jazz it up with CZ Ruby Bangles with exceptional Channel Setting work which will add color to your dress that easily.

Pair your netted sari with these CZ Emerald Ruby Necklace and Earring pair to enhance your outfit. 

Head over to to see more of their collection. By the end of day, I felt true to Rejewel's tag - Absolute Grace! Absolute You! (Yeyy! For Absolute Me!!) 

Sunday, July 02, 2017

I like to Moo-it Moo-it!

During one my volunteering expeditions I got a chance to interact with Dr. Aditi Kulkarni - a renowned doctor who has been continuously striving to make medicines from naturally available resources. Medicines derived from products and by products of Cow is what she specializes in. Strange as it may sound, it is true and her studies are backed up by various scientific researches carried around the world. A few of my learning’s summarized as below:  Related image

* To start with, Panchagavya which a mixture of three direct products (cow dung, cow urine, and milk) and two by products (curd, ghee) these ingredients are mixed in proper proportion, fermented and then act as excellent fertilizers and pesticides for crops.

* Panchagavya when mixed in appropriate proportions suggested by experts along with other medicines strengthens the immune system and is capable of warding off diseases like TB, Jaundice, Typhoid and Malaria. Gaurakshaks (Cow caretakers) never have these diseases as they are constantly in an atmosphere where Cows dwell. Panchagavya has all the basic minerals and proteins required for human body to sustain which is taken in by Cows when they eat the wholesome grass. Dr. Aditi has derived various medicines (capsules, syrups) with certain amount of mixtures of Panchgavya which help in prevention of Arthritis, Dengue, and even act as a supporting to medicines to help reduce Cancer!

* As a child, during Mahasatyanarayan Pooja’s the Pandit who performed Pooja used to give everyone one tini-tiny drop of Gomutra (cow urine) as shudhikaran (purification) routine. As silly as it may sound, it really does work. Cow urine or most Indians call it (Gomutra) acts as a natural enhancer to medicines. The quantity and mixture of Gomutra required to increase effect of medicines has been studied and should be consumed only as guided by experts.

* Cow enhances the quality of air surrounding it. Joke? Not even slightly funny. FIR (Far Infrared Ray's) has been deemed necessary for human life as per NASA studies. These rays are used in incubators which hold prematurely delivered babies, replicating the same rays found in Mother’s womb when baby is still inside. These rays are the reason why pregnant women see difference in the quality of skin, hair, and in general improvements in glowing during those nine months. Cow skin absorbs FIR and emits it back to surrounding environment allowing the surrounding air quality to improve.

* The team manufactures and sales products with base ingredient as Panchgavya. These products not only include the common medical oils and capsules but also shampoos, floor cleaners and other eco-friendly products like Ganesha idol, Cow dung holi sticks (so no more cutting of trees).  

* They have a distribution center in Kalyan and soon to start in Thane (both in Maharashtra, India). The main aim being if the products are sold, it will automatically encourage farmers to pet more cows, treat them properly as they would need the byproducts, while slowly and steadily moving back towards traditional farming (no tractors) to reduce burden on environmental pollution. Use natural fertilizer (cow dung which has exceptional medical properties as well) and no more pesticides improving the quality of crops grown, generating income for the farmer not only from his crops but also from cows ensuring financial stability. Using natural fertilizers will yield better returns in term of quality of crops and give back society organic and healthy living options. Using natural products made with use of Panchgavya will let you derive the benefits of respective product while you do your bit in encouraging the farmers to take more initiative and perform to their best capacity.

So, like many other myths we get to hear in Indian Culture; the one to worship cow as our mother is actually certified with scientific researches, something which our forefathers knew and we fail to realize the importance of it even today. Indian villages and farmers have potential of standing up on their own feet only if let them, encourage them, and support their strides which benefit the society in general. If you are still going to ignore this, your opinion is what Joey from Friends calls a ‘Moo’ Point – It doesn’t even matter.  

For consultancy and medical use of these products contact Dr. Aditi Kulkarni: +91 9821608335
For eco-friendly Ganesh idols, holi sticks, and other products contact Shreyas Mhaskar: +91 9664285437

Thursday, June 22, 2017


Bali. A place of which I only had heard of and longed to visit. So when the opportunity came, I was on the wagon headed to Indonesia before giving it any second thought. I was to join a bunch of other people for this trip who I have never ever met nor spoken with. Skeptical at first, traveling alone, was it a wise decision? Will I get bored? Will I gel up with bunch of strangers? Will I fit it? Will I manage not to make a complete fool of myself? The fears crept in and so did excitement. It was my ‘me’ time after all and just to be sure I packed two books with me (and never ever read them, not even on the plane journeys)

Imagine sitting at the Airport, casually waiting to board your flight and suddenly you hear a girl calling out for your name and go ‘oh! There you are! I knew it was you!’ and that is where it all begun and escalated to us hugging goodbyes a week later not willing to let go. This one journey I took gave me all the goals I required, enough for one life time. Couple goals, relationship goals, family goals, craziness goals, career goals, and my most favorite travel goals. One solo traveler was now a part of a pack of dozen.

Day 1: The most relaxed day of the trip. We arrived in Bali, checked into our hotel and headed for an introductory lunch session by pool side. Whilst planning to go ‘Tamasha’ way of giving out an identity, name, profession, and whole story which will not be known to anyone else was on the cards. We ended up with discussing our original ones. Followed by some Baywatch slow running during sunset at Double Six Beach. After hearing micro-organisms turn into micro-orgasms over lunch, we had to double and triple check Double ‘Six’ Beach as well. Finally dinner at Warung(restaurant) with people who I realized would be spending the next week together and are already feeling like family.

Day 2: Do you know how to swim? No. It’s okay you can still surf! Can you?! Can you! Really?! Panicked as I was, yes, you can go surfing even if you cannot swim. Although had received videos of Surf lesson, being true to the person that I am, I completely ignored them. Thank god for our instructor! They were patient with me as I struggled to even carry a Surf board twice my size. It took many falls, hits, and useless feelings before finally catching my first wave, and that feeling right there was awesome at its best. Those 5 to 10 seconds of waves I caught for 3 times made me feel like the this trip was success here itself. Others did much better though, with one person going as far as doing the dab while surfing. Grabbing some exceptionally healthy juice mixes (found across all CafĂ©’s in Bali, I guess) we gathered up for lunch and got decked up for visiting Tanah Lot; a 16th Century Temple. The sunset view here was simply magnificent. It fills your heart with warmth.

Day 3: With having managed to surf 3 times, I skipped surfing and enjoyed my morning walks on beach whilst getting to click everyone at their best surfing as well as best falls (Damn good collection). I had been waiting to wear a Sarong in Bali since forever and hence Uluwatu Temple was worth the wait. Beauty comes to this temple naturally. After another picturesque, sunset seen, we headed towards watching certain scenes exerts from Ramayana portrayed thru traditional Balinese dance of Kecak or also known as Ramayana Monkey Chant. With no instruments used, the performers chant ‘cak’ with synchronized arms and hands movements followed by Fire Dance by Monkey God, Hanuman, certainly a captivating music which will be difficult not to hear the Cak chants even after you have been out of the show for a number of days. Dinner was special, we had two locals who joined us in and we were allowed to trouble them with each and every stupid, wise, mysterious, and funny questions that we had regarding Bali as a place or locals.

Day 4: The morning drive from Seminiyak to Ubud was a sleepy one. We headed straight for lunch after reaching and post filling up our tummies we got ready to leave for Rice Terraces. This was just a minor warm up session for the trek to be followed late night. The scenic beauty of Rice Terraces showing the layers of green reaching up above to reach the contrast blue sky was just worth the stand and stare. It was an early to bed evening for us as we had to be up for trek. (P.S. it helps if you just take a shower, dose off, wake up startled when you get a wakeup call and just grab the bag and walk out)

Day 5: Waking up at 01:30 AM, in sleepy stance, was I prepared to climb the mighty Mount Batur, Volcano? Hell Yeah! How long did the feeling last? Till about 02:45 AM when we actually started with the trek. The guides were amazing and motivational. It was due to them and the songs playing throughout the trek on speaker that made me not give up in between. Imagine lying down on concrete road at 03:30 AM and looking up to see so many shining stars, big glowing moon (we were just a day or two away from a full moon day) instantly made you feel at peace. Well that was just the start. 4 hours of climb later the view of sun rising, smoky volcano, and floating clouds was just mesmerizing. View like this guarantees to get the creativity out of you for we recorded the spontaneous mannequin challenge and aced it. More 3 hours of walking (more like running) down the mountain and we all applauded for completing the one thing on our Bali bucket list. Post this a Balinese Massage was truly a blessing. One hour of bliss as all the tensed up muscles were released. The night called for a deep, relaxing sleep indeed.

Day 6: River rafting was on cards for this day. 10Kms of twist-turns, stopping for waterfalls here and there, spotting a baby crocodile, racing against other boats, posing for photos and obviously too much splashing of water everywhere was how river rafting shaped up. After having such a work out since almost 5 days Yoga session was a welcome break. The Yoga Barn provided a very calm ambience and we were there for 1 and ½ hour of Yin Yoga without realizing it has been that long. This night was essentially the unplanned highlight when we practically took over a club and grooved along with all the foreigners on as many Bollywood Songs as we could. (They were generous enough to give us access to Laptop and Wifi, and the rest as they say is history)

Day 7: We enjoyed our way back to Seminiyak and made a stop by for Snorkeling. The clear blue water, marine life in natural habitat, and you amongst them is clearly an experience of lifetime. Yet again, no swimming required and instructors took immense care. This night was ideally our last night in Bali and we made the most of it at dinner and by the time we got back to hotel room it was almost unbelievable that we has to pack our bags for good. 

Day 8: The itinerary read ‘have breakfast, exchange social media details, and depart with lovely memories’ Social media details were all over the place way before we reached the last day, breakfast was a quickie as we all rushed to pull post it to relax and get some amazing water shots. Ride to airport was lazy however getting on the plane wasn’t. With running thru huge lines at check-in counters, security checks, and then reaching the Boarding gates and still managing to stop and buy munching snacks for the Flight, we were probably the last ones to board. Not being seated together is the worst thing that can happen to you on the flight. It can be the reason why you end up losing your Kit-Kat! Seriously! I politely offered the guy next to me the Kit-Kat bar I was eating (I just had the first little line of it!) and he said, ‘Oh! Sure!’ and took the entire bar out of my hand! It was Dark Chocolate Kit-Kat for God sake! Pro Tip: Never offer food to strangers on flight unless you don’t like what you are eating and you want to do away it. We were in a train, I think; the flying was just an illusion. With children playing video games to the volume on max, a group of people on the last most seats going yelling crazy just for sake of it when plane tips the slightest, with air temperatures set to freeze us, and people passing snacks all around noisily. We survived though. Survived to part our ways as we returned to our routine with some of the craziest life memories.

We experienced Bali at its local best. The food, the culture, the people, the streets, the nightlife, and the comforts of nature. We got to see all the scenic beauties across Bali only due to well-timed visits by When in City. Specially would like to thank them for encouraging me to complete all the adventure sports! From learning words in local languages to being amused by sculptures placed even in tiniest corner of road, from adventure sports to relaxing massage, from shopping to cafes, Bali had it all and I wouldn’t have asked for a better place for this solo group tour. The words don’t do justice to our experiences and many of our memories cannot be coined in words. All in all a must visit place!

Tour Coordinator: When in City is the place you are searching for to experience Bali in a new light; just as fresh as Avocado. You can visit them at or visit  they are what they promise.  


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