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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Happy Birthday!

It's your birthday today! Midnight celebrations... without you. Well, I certainly did not have any gifts to hide this year. Nothing will fall down when the fan is switched on at midnight. There isn't anything under the keyboard nor beneath the mouse. The laptop bag does not hide any letters. The white board is blank. House  (doesn't feel like home anymore) is not filled with numerous bouquets (that I claimed were waste of flowers) You will not receive a new pen this year (your loss!) Nor a notebook  (but you will not tear any pages off mine) Above all I doubt my wishes will even reach you. Oh! I miss you hell loads. I am sure heaven doesn't host surprise parties as good as I did, but please do still enjoy whatever they manage (forgive them if they get a cake 😉 they would not know your likes). Smile old man, it's 60 this year! And I was the one to get least of those years, wish I was not the youngest in family. Oh well! Mini write up for a writer from Mini you (yes, I am ditto you) seemed to be approriate gift. Three cheers to you Daddy!!! A very Happy Birthday Papa Bear!! 😘

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