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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Gateway to Universe.

You need this kind of girl in your life;

Who will accept you after you have already got thru the struggle.
Who will be of same cast, same religion as yours.
Who will be chosen by your family.
Who will love you as per her convenience. 
Who will demand time when you have none to spare.
Who will be busy when you make all time in the world.
Who will not understand your schedules.
Who will demand you do things a certain way.
Who will fight with you for material things.
Who will need your money to run an uncalled for lifestyle. 
Who will ignore your needs and demand her wants to be completed.
Who will treat you as nothing more than a show off. 
Who will be nothing more than your remote.
Who will throw surprises for you to please the societies.
Who will demand obnoxious gifts on her birthday.
Who will choose you because you are well settled, you have your own house, job and a bank balance to fall back on. 

And you know what that is exactly what you deserve because when you had met a girl

Who motivated you.
Who lifted you above your dreams. 
Who stayed with you during the dark days.
Who loved you fiercely with everything that she got. 
Who thought only about you when you were thinking of other girls.
Who cared for you like her family.
Who was self sufficient and did not demand money.
Who needed your attention, time and just a little reassurance that you would be with her.
Who gave up on her own ethics to ensure that you would not fall short. 
Who makes you her world.
Who holds your hand thru a world tour or even thru staying in street. 
Who would understand you in and out. 

You let her go. She fought for what she wanted. She echoed her concerns. You ignored. You were indifferent. Your indifference killed her. She will never be the same again. She will never look at any other person the way she see's you. Your 'least bothered' attitude to the battle which she kept on trying time and again to win ensured that she finally gave up. You showed her that love can not be forced and certainly not taught. She found her soul mate, her best friend, her buddy, her anger, her pacifier, her home, her shelter, her want, her need, her universe in you. And all you could see in her was a person who you were too used to being around. No, do not term it Love. No, do not term it Friendship. For both will be an insult to her feelings for you. You hid her from the world. Kept her your secret. While other girls approached you. Rather than telling them you were with her, you did the exact opposite. You told her that so many girls were trying to woo you. Well, tell you what. If you enjoy the attention being showered by other girls, that is were you should be - with them. Not with the girl who goes out of her way, even without you knowing, to stay loyal to you when you don't even admit of being in a relationship with her to anyone. She calls your arms her home, she feels protected in your arms and your kisses are her lifelines - magic as she knows them and when asked what they mean to you, you say they hardly made any difference. 

Look into her eyes. What do you see? The love she holds for you? The betrayed feeling of seeing you entertain other girls? The pain of you being indifferent to her love? The hopes leaving her heart? or her destroyed soul? 

The eyes that once were a gateway to universe are now just black holes. No, you do not need a girl so thunderous; you need one who just drizzles a little!

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