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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Brave Heart!

She makes round rotis, sanskari; She doesn’t. What has her mother taught her?
She cries, Weak; She rebels, Attitude problem.
She speaks her mind, Outcast; She keeps her mouth shut, she doesn’t have her own views.
She wears a saree, she is too traditional; She wears a dress, she is too modern.
She works, she is self centric; She doesn’t, she doesn’t know how to support her family.
She is well educated; will not get good husband. She is not; lacks the will to learn.
She cooks delicious food, she is lovable. She doesn’t, what did she do while growing up?
She is 25, Single; She is 26, Unmarried.

“Yaar, woh toh ladki hai, kya kar legi?” – This is how Society perceives women.

Why limit this to the women though? Do guys have it easy?

He makes rotis, Girlish; He doesn’t, where is equality?
He cries, Weak; He rebels, attitude problem.
He wears tradition, people laugh (aaj koi function hai); He suits up, still laugh (kyun oversmart ban raha hai)
He works hard, work-o-holic; he sticks to 9 to 5 job, lacks ambitions.
He wants to pursue further education, when will you earn? He doesn’t, how will you earn?
He helps his wife in household chores, girlish. He doesn’t, has his mother not raised him well?
He is 25, He is learning to settle down. He is 26, Why have you not figured out your life yet?

“Yaar, woh toh ladka hai, woh nahi karega toh kaun karega?” – This is how Society perceives Men

Who are these people we call “Society” It is collectively made by us. Stop giving people hard times. Everyone you see and every person you know will have some shortcomings, will not be perfect. Empathize; put yourself in their shoes before you judge. Look at yourself before you comment. You have a life difficult enough without taking add on headaches trying to figure out others life.

She is 26 yet not married; let her be!
He is working hard; he has his ambitions & family needs to be met; let him figure it out!

Life is simple, do not complicate it.

Live your life. Dream. Dance. Play. Work hard. Be ambitious. Achieve goals. Travel. Laugh. Smile. Let go of your demons. Look forward to your future.

Be the brave heart that you are meant to be!


Unknown said...

Great read... Very well written Appie.. Bravo!!

Rohan Amin said...

Really true..
Great words.. Hats off..

Appielicious said...

Thank you sweetheart! :)

Appielicious said...

Thanks Rohan!


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