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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Beautiful Poem

Because you are the most beautiful poem I have ever seen. No, you do not need validations from society. No, you do not need assurances from anyone. No, you are not perfect. No, you do not have a rhyming theme but the most heart touching poem doesn’t. No, you do not need to search for a soul mate. No, you do not need a prince charming to rescue you. Trust me, you will know baby girl, you will know when it is real. Do not let ungrateful boys ruin you and spoil your mood over them. For one day you are going to meet the man of your dreams and everything is eventually going to be alright. How do I know you ask? Because I just do. You will feel it in your heart, in your mind; your intuitions will speak thousand words. The world will not be the same as you knew earlier. No, he will not come silently and bring stabilization in your life but he will come and question the existence of everything and you will never feel anything has been more perfect ever. He will encourage you, be passionate, adventurous, and more than anything else he will be calm you find in all the chaos. No, don’t you dare go out looking for him and meeting jerks who don’t give a damn about you. What’s meant to be will be. Trust the universe to ensure that your paths will cross when the time is right and when that does happen do not shy away from love baby. Give him your 100%, love him whole heart. Treat him like a king because you know that he deserves nothing less than that and watch how he makes you the queen. Together you will build an empire which will keep all the haters and negativity at bay. Life will be at its best.
Till then and even later enjoy the craziness that you carry within. Let the wildness run free. Let your dreams fly high. Let the light through your broken pieces for that is the only way to heal. Let the fears take backstage for once. Laugh whenever you can. Smile at the memories created. Forget the past and move on. Move on to a better future. Move on and travel towards the light of hope you see. You are masterpiece, still in making; do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Live Life Queen Size!

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